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Mauron 2012

Bernd Stube has used the yearly winter brake to prepare his Fast&Speed autocross div 3 Superbuggy by working on all details to improve his car to defend his European Championship 2011 title. The first race for the French Championship (FFSA) in Mauron (former EC circuit) was a perfect occasion to test the car on the hard surface from the speedy track. During the time trials Stubbe managed to obtain the best laptime followed by Laurent Fouquet and Patrick Lavenue. In the heats Stubbe collected two first places and one second place which resulted in a second starting position after Laurent Fouquet. Patrick Lavenue had to start from the second row. Bernd Stubbe had a good start as a result of the improvements done with new Reiger front suspension and he showed  the public that his performance as European Champion is consistent by finishing first. Patrick Lavenue  finished second with his F&S buggy and Florent Tafani in thirth position. The French public was very enthousiastic after the races, one of the reasons for this was the attractive driving style of the German driver. During the ceremony this resulted in a big applause of the audience and gratitude of the organizers.

Race of Champions 2011

This year's Race of Champions was, like last year, at Dusseldorf Germany. The nations cup has been won by Germany for the fifth time in row.. Schumacher and Vettel drove this year for the German team. On the second day of the Race of Champions all drivers had to compete against each other. From all drivers Sébastien Ogier won the Race of Champions at his first attempt.

Dakar 2012

The Dakar rally from 2012 will start as tradition in January. The start of the Dakar will take place in Mar del Plata, with the riders and crews setting out on 1st January 2012. Beforehand, they will have enjoyed a starting ceremony organised on 31st December in the evening. This Dakar will take another route than the previous two years. This Dakar rally will take the drivers from Argentina via Chile to Peru, where the finish will be. This rally will take 14 racing days. Information about Fast & Speed competing in this rally will be provided later. For more information about the route, you can click here.

For the Dakar of 2012 the Sisterna´s will drive with a Fast & Speed EVO 3 buggy with number 383. Qouted from the official Dakar website about the Sisterna's:

His first Dakar in 2010, was an ordeal. Everything is more complicated than father and son had thought. And yet, got a correct position 49. So back to the tranquility of a good preparation and improved confidence in their buggy, prepared 3 months before the start of the Dakar. So for Linus, the winemaker, and John Paul, the event organizer, it's like starting again. With the motivation intact and the attraction of having a bivouac on their homeland in San Juan. The Sisterna and his family, which follows the camping-car race, points, without noise, to return to be among the top 50. As they started

Click here to visit the website of the Sisterna Racing Team.