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Race of Champions

The Race of Champions (ROC) is an event which traditionally takes every year place at the end of the race season. The ROC is every year accompanied by the top of the racing drivers from different disciplines and countries. Some of the racing drivers which have been present on the ROC are: Michael Schumacher, Sébastien Loeb, Sebastian Vettel, Tanner Foust and Valentino Rossi. The ROC consists of two different races, one of which is the Nations Cup. At the Nations Cup different nations compete with each other to win the cup. The other race is the ROC itself, whereby all the drivers compete with each other in a knockout race. The ROC has been featured at many different countries, in different places. Some of those places at which the ROC has been featured are: The Wembley Stadium (London), Stade de France (Paris) and the Bird's Nest Stadium (Beijing). Fast & Speed is the exclusive manufacturer of the buggies for the ROC organization since 1998. The ROC cars are equipped with a motorcycle engine of 1100cc and have 170hp, and since 2009 this ROC car is also available as double seater.