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Fast & Speed has been founded by Johnny Hakvoort. Johnny drove the first local championships with the Moredo Buggy followed by the Ruska buggy. The first Dutch and European championship he drove were with the low beatle. In 1987 Johnny began building frames for other autocross drivers. After some years Johnny became European Champion in 1989. This success resulted in building even more frames for other drivers. In 1991 a major setback was taken when the building where the frames were build burned down. At this time Johnny had to decide what he wanted to do for the future. Because his passion for the autocross he chose to continue with building cars for the autocross. This lead to be a good decision, because of the successes which were achieved. A couple of which were Fast & Speed with as driver Frits Duizendstra becoming European Champion in 1997, 1998 and 2002. In the mean time Johnny had been invited to America and participated in the Baya 500 in Mexico. This trip had awoken the fascination from Johnny for rally racing, and started thereby with the development of the rally raid buggy, and in 2003 Fast & Speed first participated in the Dakar rally with the EVO 1. Only one year later - in 2004 - Fast & Speed showed that they are quick learners. With driver Thierry Magnaldi the team finished 9th overall in Senegals capital Dakar (best private team). Thierry Magnaldi performed even better in the 2005 edition of Dakar with an 8th position overall and the 1st place in the 2 wheeldrive category.