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Swiss autocross season

On 12 and 13 may the Swiss autocross season started in Hoch Ybrig very near to the Bodensee, at which 140 drivers in 15 classes where present at the race organised by Sepp Marty. After about 10 years succesfully running in a Fast&Speed 2000cc 2wdr Egon Haufe began his first race with his last year car which has been modified to  4wdr. Egon explained that he sees this as a new challenge for himself in the superbuggy class. Also Josef Vögel from Austria was present with his F&S 4wdr till 1.600 cc and he was succesfull by winning all heats during this event. Furthermore Emil Süsli, Erich Knauseder und Thomas Ladler where driving their F&S buggies at Hoch Ybrig.