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John Verberk Dutch Autocross Champion Superklasse 2011


The Dutch Autocross Champion Superklasse is known, John Verberk from Baarle Nassau (NLD)

John Verberk will be crowned at his home race. John, who is curently driving the 2011 F&S chassis with a 2.5 liter Engine, is a F&S driver for many years.

In 1998 he was already 2nd in the Sprint 1600 class. In 2003 he was the champion in the superklasse.
in 2005 he was the Sprint 2000 class champion. and know he has the TRIPPLE in hands. Only one driver was
before him who could win the triple, Frits Duizendstra, also F&S Driver for many Years.

We wish him good luck at his home race.